Loyal Wife

Loyal Wife is a really interesting band in Phoenix made up of David Jensen, Ashley Taylor, Sam Hardwig, Blake Kimball and Spencer Reed. The band description reads like this is a side project of a side project from a couple people working their way through college and business, but these songs sound like they’ve had a lot of attention. Congratulations on balancing tons of things in your lives, guys!

Phoenix has a ton of different music, and this is among the most commercially viable that I’ve heard without compromising integrity. These really are good songs, and they also sound like they could be played on the radio. These folks are influenced by every moment, and they’ve got a really cool website you can check out here: http://loyalwife.net/. Good art is always helpful in keeping integrity.

Check out Loyal Wife if you’re in the Phoenix area when they’re playing! They’ve got a show at the Phoenix Hard Rock Café on March 30. I’ve only been there twice, but I know that is a really nice place to have a show. If you’re not around Phoenix, just go over to their Bandcamp and check their music out. You can buy it for ten dollars or, as always on Bandcamp, stream it for free! I know there is a huge crowd out there that would love this band. They tagged themselves as alternative, indie, pop, radio, and rock, and all of those are absolutely accurate. This is mainstream rock from Arizona to America.

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Right on Brad! Very nice choice of words for this record! Thanks for the review.


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